A photography hobbyist, LeVon enjoys spending time behind the camera lens capturing photos of nature, buildings, family, and friends.


In his free time LeVon enjoys playing basketball recreationally. A former college basketball player, he looks forward to the opportunity to coaching in the future to introduce children to the team sport and help them learn the valuable life skills that can be acquired on the court while having fun playing basketball.


LeVon began his career in the home design industry in 2004, following a passion for design that dates back to his childhood. This love for home design is the reason he puts as much care and thoughtfulness into every one of his designs as he would if he were designing a home for himself. Previously only offering exclusive custom home design, the award winning designer has expanded his services and now offers online home plan sales for his designs. This will enable LeVon to interact with a greater market and allow him even more opportunities to have a positive effect on the built environment, all beginning with the swipe of his pencil across paper.