LeVon L. Hodges, owner of LeVon Designs Homes

I am LeVon L. Hodges, and I am an award-winning residential building designer who provides thoughtful home design that’s as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

I have been designing homes since 2004, and even today, I still get a thrill each time I swipe my pencil across the paper when creating a new home design.

My passion for home design started in my childhood, and it has been a driving force in my life ever since—creating great home living designs which enhance people’s lives. Each design comes from the heart, with every little detail made as meaningful as it is functional.

Recently, I have branched out into online home plan designs, making my home designs accessible to more people. At the same time, my business still provides exclusive, custom home designs that bring my client’s dream home to life on paper and in the real world.

As a former college basketball player, I’m passionate about introducing the sport to the next generation in my spare time. It is immensely rewarding helping them realize their skills and potential both on and off the court. I am also an avid photographer, and you’ll find me taking snaps in and around my hometown of Orlando.